General Information on Frequently Asked Questions

All of the tutus and tutu dresses are handmade when ordered and not stored in inventory. 

All children’s tutus fall to about the knees using the standard length for the children’s size unless otherwise noted in the item description.

All regular adult tutus and child tutus size 14 and up will measure 20 inches long unless otherwise noted in the item description.

Keep in mind that the dresses and skirts come puffy and may sit slightly above where you measured.

Skirts on a ribbon need to be tied snuggly around the body, the larger the skirt the more it weighs and it may try to slide down if not tied snuggly enough.

Measure down from where you measured your waist to the length as described in the listing.

For a dress WITH the crochet/knitted top (excludes flower girl dresses)measure around the belly button area (where pants would sit) and down to the length measurement.

As our Flower Girl Dresses are made with an Empire waist (shorter top or high waist) with a crochet/knitted top, measure length from under the arms to the length described in the listing.

All crocheted tops are not lined and are see through unless otherwise noted in the item description.

Skirts that come on an elastic band do stretch slightly and are meant to fit snug to the lower waist to keep the skirt from falling off during play or movement.

When buying a skirt with an elastic waistband, measure your waist (smallest part of waist above navel) and choose the best option from the size chart.

Adult Standard Measuring Guide:

Small: Size 6-8 Waist: 24-26 Inches
Med: Size 8-10 Waist:26-28 Inches
Large: Size 10-12 Waist: 28-30 Inches
XLarge: Size 12-14 Waist: 30-32 Inches
2X Large: Size 14-16 Waist: 34-36 Inches
3X Large: Size 16-18 Waist: 36-38 Inches
4X Large: Size 16-20 Waist: 38-40 Inches
5X Large: Size 20-22 Waist: 40-42 Inches
6X Large: Size 22-24 Waist: 42-44 Inches

-----Child Flower Girl Dress Length Chart-----
12 Months - 21 inch length
18 Months - 25 inch length
2t - 27 inch length
3t - 28 inch length
4t - 29 inch length
5t - 30 inch length
6 - 34 inch length
7 - 35 inch length
8 - 37 inch length